MayFlower Design Studio
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Design Process

Consultation:   The process with MDS begins with an on site consultation.  At this initial meeting, we gather information from the client based on their individual needs and their vision for their property.  From this, we create a program outlining the scope of work we will provide for the project.

Site Inventory:  Following the initial consultation, we will do a complete site inventory/analysis documenting the existing conditions.  This includes locating all structures and existing hardscape elements, locating existing trees and shrubs, and shooting grades to determine the existing topography of the site.  The information gathered during the consultation and site inventory establishes the foundation for us to begin the design process.

Preliminary Design:  Once we have gathered the site inventory, we prepare a base map to work from.  It is at this point our creativity blossoms and we begin the design process.  We will often generate several ideas providing options as to the layout of the overall space.  Once these concepts are developed, we involve the client and have a meeting to review and discuss the preliminary plans.

Final Design:  Once we have reviewed the preliminary plans with the client, we will make any necessary modifications to the layout, and prepare a set of final plans that can be built from.  A set of final plans can consist of one or more of the following:

  • Planting Plan -plants labeled and plant list
  • Hardscape Plan-layout plan of all hardscapes
  • Construction Details-details of hardscape items to be built
  • Grading and Drainage Plan-elevations of proposed hardscape items and proposed drainage for the site
  • Lighting Plan-plan showing outdoor landscape lighting

Project Management:  Once the final plans have been prepared, MDS can assist each client in selecting the right contractor(s) for the project.  We will meet contractor(s) at the job site to review the plans and answer questions so they can provide and estimate for the project. Once the contractor(s) have been selected, MDS can provide on site management and administration during the implementation.  We will make regular site visits to check the status and review the progress during the installation and answer or address any questions that arise.  We will stay involved from beginning to end, and provide a final walk thru with each client upon completion.