MayFlower Design Studio
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Design Services

MayFlower Design Studio specializes in designing all aspects of an outdoor living environment including the following:

Planting Design
Selecting the proper plants is essential for a successful planting plan.  Whether you desire a low maintenance garden, a perennial/cutting garden, or a formal rose/herb garden, MDS will design a layout and select the proper plantings to meet your needs
Hardscape Design
In our industry, hardscape refers to any element within the landscape that is not green or growing.  For example, a walkway is considered a hardscape.  Commonly designed hardscapes include driveways, walkways, terraces, steps, masonry columns, retaining walls and seat walls.  The hardscapes are the “bones” of the overall design.  The proper design of hardscapes within the landscape is essential for the function and use of any space.  We will design your hardscapes to fit your needs and select the appropriate material suited for the installation.
Outdoor Kitchens/Fireplaces
The outdoor kitchen has been a common request since 9/11.  Many families are forgoing family vacations and outings and enhancing their homes by creating back yard retreats.  MDS will design a custom outdoor kitchen complete with features that can include the following: grill center, storage, warming drawer, sink, refrigerator, countertop/bar area, and seating area.  The design and addition of an outdoor fireplace will often anchor the space, providing a focal point and allowing a homeowner to utilize their outdoor space throughout all seasons.
Custom Water Features
The sound of water brings a calming, soothing, and peaceful experience to the soul.  It can also be very beneficial in masking unwanted neighboring sounds.  Whether you prefer a formal fountain for your space, or want to incorporate a natural pond and waterfall, MDS will design the perfect water feature for your setting and needs.  The use of water within the landscape adds an element of intrigue and interest to any garden.
Swimming Pools/Spas
Add an item of luxury and usability to your back yard living environment with the addition of a custom design swimming pool.  We will design a pool to fit your needs and lifestyle, and can include an attached spa and/or water feature as a key element to the space.  The latest technology with filtration and cleaning make the maintenance and upkeep of a swimming pool quick and simple.
Arbors, Pergolas, & Gates
Add interest, intrigue, and impact to your garden by including one of these elements within your design.  Arbors and gates are often used at the entrance to a garden providing a sense of allure and anticipation to what lies beyond.  Pergolas often anchor a terrace or seating area and provide shade and a sense of intimacy to a space.  These items can be wood, wrought iron, aluminum, steel, and even vinyl.  We will custom design a feature perfect for your setting and garden.
We pay careful attention to the existing conditions of a property and the lay of the land to identify areas that may pose water or drainage problems.  MDS owns survey equipment and will shoot the existing grades during the site inventory to identify areas that need to be addressed.  We will design a drainage system for your property assuring you have positive drainage in all areas and away from the home.
  Outdoor Lighting
Enhance your outdoor environment and extend your time in the garden with the addition of landscape lighting.  We will design outdoor lighting to illuminate walkways, terraces, focal points, and plantings within the garden as well as highlight the architecture of the home.  Landscape lighting provides a sense of elegance to your home while adding safety and a dramatic affect to the landscape.